last updated 2014/11/09

myQrc testing

  1. functional test  (fix the drone and test each of the mode :ESC-Motor-PID).
  2. performance test. Run sensor_test and myQrc and compare the performance in getting IMU data .
  3. safety. Verify what happen if rpi loose the connection with the remote control-try the netscan functionality-check performance.
  4. fun. Check the usability of the smartphone remote control (using the websever)- check the performance in this case.

Before Flying

  • prop calibration (fix with a shaft and placee tape on the weighter side…)
  • fix the frame better
  • calibrate IMU: verify the prop orientation with the IMU orientation (turn upside-down the drone , place it in a “horizontal” plane, read imu value. roll and pitch has to be 0 and 180′)
  • add bumpers/legs (PET bottles outside frame, to avoid props damages???)


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